About Us

Chicago-style Pizza Since 2015

As one of Houston’s most popular food trucks, Chitalian Pizzeria has served authentic Chicago-style pizza since 2015. Seven years later, guests can enjoy a taste of the windy city from our trendy restaurant in north Houston.

Our menu offers an array of tavern-style pizza recipes, along with wings, pasta, seafood, and salads.

What is Chicago-style pizza?

While widely known for the deep dish, locals will tell you that the original Chicago pizza is tavern style. This delicious pizza pie features a thin, crispy crust. The dough is rolled, not tossed, and then loaded with toppings that cover the entire pizza. Each pie is cooked a little longer to ensure that crunchy (yet chewy) crust. Tavern style pizza is also smaller than the usual 16-inch regular pizza. While most pizzerias cut their slices into triangles, true Chicago-style is “tavern cut” into squares. This makes it easier to serve and share with friends!

If you’re in the mood for a taste of the Windy City, enjoy an authentic Chicago-style pizza with us at Chitalian Pizzeria.